Your Smile: Ages 20-40

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with every oral health decision you make by developing a deep sense of TRUST in our practice — and, by understanding the difference between dental “musts, shoulds, and coulds.”

IT MAY BE TEMPTING during this stage in life to skip or procrastinate regular check ups because “nothing hurts.” But too often what you don’t see causes the most trouble in the long run. For many, this stage also represents the most active in terms of significant, long-term social interaction and career advancement.

Must Do

  • Regular check ups for early signs of gum disease, cracks in teeth, infections, cavities and potential problems with fillings. Most can be reversed when caught early.
  • Oral cancer is the 6th most common cancer with the worst five-year survival rate of all major cancers. It can go unnoticed without regular exams.
  • Gum disease can raise a pregnant woman’s risk of developing a dangerous condition known as preeclampsi which can lead to exlampsia, or seizures late in pregnancy or after delivery. Eclampsia can cause organ damage and even death.
  • Wisdom teeth make their presence felt and can disrupt one’s bite causing long-term problems.

Should Do

  • A healthy, gorgeous smile compliments your career and social life. Your dentist stands ready to help.
  • Surveys show that 92% of North Americans agree an attractive smile is a crucial social asset. 74% believe an unattractive smile hurts a person’s chances of career success.

Could Do

  • Consider how the smile of your dreams could literally change your life — far more comfortably, beautifully, and affordably than ever before!