Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking through your daily routine with the constant shadow of bad breath following close behind. Don’t let this become a reputation you carry around. Follow these tips to prevent bad breath.


The Causes



There are a number of things that can cause bad breath. The key to controlling yours is to pinpoint the direct cause. Some of the most common causes of bad breath include:


  • Your tonsils may be causing your bad breath. There are holes in your tonsils known as crypts. A smelly substance will collect in these holes, sometimes falling out while chewing and getting stuck in the teeth. These will create a very distinct smell.
  • There is a need for bacteria inside your mouth, but too much can be a bad thing. These smelly micro organisms rest on the tongue and between the teeth.
  • Be aware of the foods you are eating. Pungent foods like garlic, onions, and more will linger in your mouth.
  • The cause of your bad breath might not be coming from your mouth at all, instead coming from your stomach. GI problems can result in gas being released, making its way up to your mouth.
  • Harmful habits such as smoking will give you bad breath. Quit immediately for many health benefits.


The Tips



If you can identify your cause of bad breath, you are well on your way to achieving better smelling breath. Follow these additional tips to better rid your mouth of the smell, giving you more confidence in your daily interactions:


  • Brush at least twice a day. This includes not only your teeth, but your tongue as well. Make sure to get the back of your tongue where bacteria hides. For those who want an even better clean, invest in a tongue scraper as well.
  • Floss your teeth on a daily basis. You’d be surprised the food particles that remain wedged between the teeth, even after brushing. In addition to this, the white substance coming from your tonsils has the potential to get stuck here.
  • Skip the soda and instead drink lots of water. Without sufficient amounts of water your mouth will become dry, causing bad breath.
  • If you feel a disturbance in your stomach, take an antacid as soon as possible. This will help calm it before it has the chance to cause problems for your breath.
  • While yogurt also contains bacteria, this is the good bacteria that is healthy for your breath. The bacteria here will cancel out the bad breath causing bacterias, freshening your breath.
  • Keeping your six month appointment at the dentist will help keep your breath fresh. Here the dentist can check your mouth for problems and give your teeth a thorough cleaning.

Bad breath doesn’t have to be a problem in your life, identify where it is coming from then take the steps to prevent it. By making these changes in your routine, you will feel more confident with better smelling breath.