review_ken“Dr. Thomas and his able assistants dramatically improved the appearance of my teeth. I am delighted with the outcome.”

Ken disliked the worn appearance of his teeth. An unstable bite relationship caused his teeth to wear improperly over time giving the edges of his teeth a worn look. Over the years, his teeth became progressively darker resulting in a less than ideal, looking smile.

Using all ceramic veneers and dental crowns Ken’s bite was restored to a much more ideal and comfortable one. Ken was thrilled with his new youthful smile.

Ken S. of Salt Lake City, Utah

Review_Jennie“My experience at Dr. Allan Thomas’ office was amazing. The team is great! They are friendly and fun. My whole life I have dreaded going to the dentist, until I went to Dr. Thomas’ office.”

Due to an illness in her youth, Jennie had severe erosion of all of her upper teeth. This resulted in a collapsed bite and an unattractive smile.

With all porcelain crowns we were able to restore her bite to it’s proper function and give this beautiful woman the attractive smile she deserves.

Jennie F. of Las Vegas, Nevada

review_bj“The dedication and artistry you provided in creating a beautiful smile for me was so appreciated. I can now be very proud when people take a second look at me, because I know they too think “WOW”! I cannot thank you enough.”

BJ never liked her overlapping and discolored teeth. They made her feel older than her actual age. She came into our office looking for a more youthful harmonious smile.

Through dental crowns and dental veneers we were able to eliminate the wear on her teeth and restore her to a gorgeous youthful smile.

BJ S. of Green River, Wyoming

“Everything was great! I didn’t have to wait, the staff is always friendly and interested in my personal life as well as my oral health. I left feeling cared about and in better oral health. I invite everyone and anyone to trust their smile and oral health to Dr. Thomas and his great team. I also really like the office setting and appreciate having such a beautiful garden to enjoy while my work is being done. Love, love, love this team and office!”