S. Winters

Great and friendly staff. Very accommodating and little waiting time. Super organized. They even sent out a text before my appointment letting me know the freeway exit was closed and giving me an alternate route. I also love the way they text out appointment reminders and will even set up appointments over text. Highly recommend.

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S. Louzek

I love my hygienist, Debbie, and Dr. Thomas is fantastic, also. They are kind and very knowledgeable. I trust them with my care. My dad is a retired dentist, out of state. He has approved of the approaches that Dr. Thomas has used to keep my mouth healthy in the past several years. I’m so

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B. Heywood

Dr. Thomas is a great dentist! He is always up to date with the very best equipment and latest dental technology. He and his staff go out of their way to be friendly and to make sure I’m comfortable from start to finish. Finally, Dr. Thomas has proven to be capable of dealing with extremely

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