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8 Veneers

The patient featured here was a woman in her late twenties who wanted a smile that was more proportionate. She didn’t like the spaces she had between her teeth and didn’t like the way her teeth were shaped. With veneers, we were able to fix the spaces and adjust each tooth’s appearance to meet her smile goals. Her teeth no longer appear to be the same width as they were length, and she has no gaps in her smile.


This woman in her fifties came to us complaining about the discolored and stained fillings in her front teeth that were the result of work she had done by a previous dentist. Before we fixed them, these stained fillings were also leaking and breaking down and had cavities underneath them. With restorative dentistry and veneers, we were able to treat the cavities to make her teeth healthy again and then create a smile that was more symmetrical and teeth that were more evenly colored and uniform.

6 Veneers

img_6266For over fifty years, this patient endured smiling with a gap between her two front teeth. She always wanted to fix it, but when she came to us, she was worried that cosmetic treatment might make her two front teeth look too big to compensate for the gap. We were able to alleviate that concern and help her achieve a smile that looked very natural and proportionate.

10 Veneers

Visit us to improve your smile.This patient was a woman in her thirties who wanted to show less gum tissue while she was smiling. She felt that she could increase her confidence and happiness with a fuller, broader, aesthetic. With veneers, we were able to help her smile dreams come true.

2 Veneers

Because of tetracycline staining, this patient’s lateral teeth were discolored and no longer matched her two front teeth. Using veneers, we were able to create a uniform smile with lateral teeth that matched the central teeth in both shape and color.

13 Veneers & Crowns

This patient in his sixties wanted a big and bright smile. He hated the appearance of his discolored or breaking and chipping teeth and wanted a solution. With cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, we were able to restore his smile.

1 Implant & Crown

HeadshotWhen this patient came in, he didn’t like the shape and color of his left central tooth. He had a Root Canal done when he was younger and this tooth had fractured. Once an oral surgeon placed the implant, we were able to use our restorative dentistry methods to restore his left central tooth with a crown that matched his other teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

We'll give you a beautiful smile you want to share.When this patient smiled, he noticed that his teeth were so discolored and chipped away that he couldn’t even see them as well anymore. With restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, we were able to restore his smile to full functionality and give his teeth a pleasing visual aesthetic.

Single Tooth Implant & Crown

This teenage patient was born with a missing left lateral tooth. An implant had already been placed, but the implant needed a crown. The patient also had a composite veneer that she wanted replaced and some decalcification opaque white spots on two of her front teeth. We were able to correct the white spots with a filling that better matched her surrounding teeth, create a better veneer to meet her needs, and place the perfect crown to complete her smile.

8 Veneers

Even though this patient loved the shape of her original teeth, she disliked the discoloration and gray color caused by tetracycline staining. She wanted to change the color of her teeth with veneers, but didn’t want to alter the way her original teeth looked too much, besides one minor spacing issue near her canines. We were able to fix her minor issues and restore her teeth to their brilliant, original shade without changing anything else about her smile.


This adult patient in her thirties was ready to make a change and start taking care of herself. She had some cavities and work that needed to be done, but she also really wanted to have a bright and beautiful smile she’d love to share with others. After cosmetic and restorative dentistry, she was able to leave our office with renewed confidence and a smile she loved.