Avoid Wisdom Teeth Impaction

The words wisdom tooth may sound nice, but the aches they bring if impacted are anything but. Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that form in your late teens or early twenties and usually form properly without any complications. However, there are certain situations when the teeth are too crowded to make space for new teeth. This overpopulation causes pain and requires for removal surgery for your wisdom teeth.

What to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Unsure if your wisdom teeth should be removed? Schedule a discussion with Dr. Allan S. Thomas. With a quick digital x-ray evaluation, we can find out if your developing wisdom teeth will hurt you down the road and need removal treatment for your wisdom teeth. Our team performs this for patients of all ages in the Sugarhouse, UT region from our Salt Lake City clinic.

If deemed necessary, you need wisdom teeth extraction surgery. Extraction for wisdom teeth is easy and similar to regular tooth extractions. Depending on the initial evaluation, the wisdom tooth surgery may not be adequate treatment and more measures might be required.

Pain Relief for Wisdom Teeth

To make sure you feel at ease during the surgery, we give you the option to choose anesthesia based on the on the severity of the situation, your pain tolerance and your requests. General or local anesthetic are the two most common options.

The post-treatment days will most likely leave you sleepy and sore. Refrain from smoking, hot drinks and crunchy snacks over the next several days or so. Before you go under for the extraction, we’ll review steps for proper recovery to protect against infections and ensure your recovery is as comfortable as it can be.

Get an Extraction Consultation Today

If you’re concerned about issues with your wisdom teeth, call the office of Dr. Allan S. Thomas at (801) 441-2233 today. For patients with phobia of dentists or feel anxious, our sedation dentist will help.