Need Wisdom Teeth Removed near Murray?

The term wisdom tooth may sound pleasant, but the pain associated with it isn’t. Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that most people develop in their late teens or early twenties. These molars often grow correctly without any complications.

But unfortunately, these new teeth can crowd your other teeth, causing your gums or head to start aching. These are the scenarios that call for the removal of a couple or all of your wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

To ensure sure your teeth remain healthy and pain-free, think about a consultation from Dr. Allan S. Thomas. With a simple digital x-ray evaluation, we can learn if your developing wisdom teeth will cause problems down the road and require removal. Our team offers this to many patients in the Murray, Utah region in our office in Salt Lake City.

After a complete consultation, Dr. Thomas will let you know if you need wisdom teeth extraction surgery. Surgery for wisdom teeth is easy and similar to regular extractions. Depending on the initial evaluation, the wisdom tooth removal may not be adequate treatment and further measures may be needed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Anesthesia

To make sure you are at ease during the surgery, we give you the option to choose anesthesia. This is based on the severity of the situation, your pain tolerance and any personal requests. General or local anesthetic are the two most requested options.

The healing process over the days after the treatment will most likely leave you drowsy and sore. Refrain from smoking, warm drinks and hard foods for the next week or so. Before your surgery, we brief you with the proper steps that you should take to avoid infections and make you heal smoothly.

Get an Extraction Consultation Today

If you are worried about the potential wisdom teeth problems, book with Dr. Allan S. Thomas at 801-322-4900 today.