Need Wisdom Teeth Removed near Holladay?

The name wisdom tooth might sound nice, but the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth is not. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that many people develop in their young adulthood or late teens. Wisdom teeth usually aren’t an issue, but unfortunately they can be if your mouth is too small to leave room for new teeth. This crowding causes discomfort and requires for removal of wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

To keep your teeth healthy and pain-free, think about having a consultation with Dr. Allan S. Thomas. With only a simple x-ray, we can learn if your growing wisdom teeth will cause problems down the road and require removal treatment. Our team offers this for patients of all ages from the Holladay, Utah region from our clinic in Salt Lake City.

After a full consultation, Dr. Thomas will tell you if your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Surgery for wisdom teeth is quick and not unlike other extractions. Some patients may require further diagnosis, the wisdom tooth extraction may not be adequate treatment and more treatments might be needed.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Pain Relief

Anesthesia is usually used during wisdom teeth removals. Our sedation dentist chooses anesthetic based on the severity of the situation, your pain threshold and your preferences. General or local anesthetic are the two most requested methods.

The days after the treatment will likely leave you sleepy and feeling raw. Avoid smoking, hot drinks and crunchy snacks during the first several days or so. Before your surgery, we’ll go over the best recovery to ensure that infections don’t occur and your healing is as smooth as it can be.

Reserve an Extraction Consultation Today

If you’re concerned about issues with your wisdom teeth, call the clinic of Dr. Allan S. Thomas.