Sedation Dentistry Services near West Jordan, UT

If visiting the dentist’s office gives you intolerable anxiety, consider sedation dentistry for your next visit. With in depth training in sedation dental care, Allan S. Thomas uses the effective treatments and gentle dental sedatives to ensure that our patients feel secure. We are one of the only dental clinics near West Jordan to offer different types of dental sedation to give you a great, pain-free experience.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation for dental treatment is a safe option for kids and adults alike. These drugs decrease your anxiety for any dental treatment by calming your nerves, rather than causing you to fall asleep the way general anesthesia does. Our sedation dentist has multiple drugs available to help you rest easy and recover with a healthy smile.

Conscious Oral Sedatives

Conscious oral sedatives are generally taken by pill or capsule and need an hour to take effect. Before your appointment, simply swallow the prescribed medication. By the time you arrive at Allan S. Thomas’s office, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for the dentist’s chair. Because of these lethargic side effects, it is essential to have a friend or family member transport you to and from your dentist procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas”, is administered to patients via a mask. The gas helps patients feel comfortable and dulls pain. You may feel numb or loopy after this treatment, but it wears off shortly after you leave our office.

IV Sedation

This relaxer is the most valuable and fast-acting selection we offer. Our sedation dentists can monitor the amount of sedative given to a patient through an IV. If the dentist scares you more than needles and you need to undertake a long or intensive procedure, this is the best option.

No matter which sedation medication you pick, each will come with side effects to be mindful. The drowsiness and calm from these dental sedatives can make operating vehicles or performing other tasks risky. Always bring someone to drive you home safely after visiting the sedation dentist. Consult your dentist before returning to work or performing other tasks to ensure your safety and safe arrival home.

Talk to Us about Sedation Dentistry

We are more than happy to tell you more about our sedation procedures and how they can take away your anxieties of going to the dentist. We proudly serve West Jordan residents and the greater Salt Lake City area. For questions about cost, process, dangers or side effects of sedation dentistry, call Allan S. Thomas DMD at 801-322-4900.