Sedation Dentistry Services near Sandy, UT

Does going to the dentist give you unbearable anxiety? If so, sedation dentistry can greatly benefit you during your next visit. With in-depth training, the office of Allan S. Thomas Cosmetic & General Dentistry offers all forms of sedation dentistry to our patients to help make sure that our patients feel secure. We use the least invasive dental sedatives to provide our patients from Sandy, UT the most positive and painless experience possible.


Sedation dentistry is the use of sedatives in order to decrease your anxiety before a dental treatment. The sedatives are used to lower your stress instead of just putting you to sleep the way that general anesthesia does. This method of treatment is safe for both adults and children and allows all patients to rest easy and recover with a healthy smile.


Conscious oral sedatives are usually taken by pill or capsule. About an hour before your appointment, simply swallow the prescribed medicine. By the time you arrive at Allan S. Thomas’s office, you’ll feel calm and ready for the dentist’s chair. Because of these lethargic side effects, you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your dental procedure.


Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas”, is administered to patients through a mask. The gas helps patients feel comfortable and dulls any pain. You may feel slightly numb or loopy after this treatment, but this effect wears off shortly after you leave our office.


IV Sedation is the most effective and fast-acting option that we offer. Because of this, it’s usually reserved for more serious and longer-lasting procedures. Our sedation dentists will monitor the amount of sedative given to the patient through an IV. If going to the dentist scares you more than needles, and you need to undergo a long or intensive procedure, this is the best option.

No matter what form of sedation you choose, each will come with side effects. The drowsiness from these dental sedatives can make operating vehicles or performing other tasks risky. Talk to your dentist about steps to take to ensure your safety.


Do you have dental-related stress and live near Sandy, UT? We would love to tell you more about our sedation dentistry services and how we can help ease your mind. Give our team at Allan S. Thomas Cosmetic & General Dentistry a call today at 801-322-4900.