Laser Teeth Whitening Holladay, UT

A Comfortable Dental Experience with Allan S. Thomas

At Allan S. Thomas DMD General & Cosmetic Dentistry, we strive to make your dental needs our utmost priority. We understand that you want to have a smile that shines and feel comfortable while at the dentist. Over the years we have invested the energy, time and resources needed to provide the very best in dental care available in Salt Lake City. This applies to all facets of our business, may it be in our procedures, our customer service or our technology.

Dental Technology Found in Our Salt Lake City Office:

Intraoral Camera – An intraoral camera is a small camera that takes detailed color images inside your mouth and then display them on a monitor for you and Dr. Thomas to see. This means you can become much more involved in your oral health, being able to see the same issues the doctor can see and partnering with him to determine the best treatment plan for you. Our advanced intraoral camera also gives us a better picture of your oral health and provides detail that just couldn’t be captured before.
Ultrasonic Scaler – Dr. Thomas uses an ultrasonic scaling device that emits a very controlled, high-pressure stream of water to remove plaque from your teeth. This makes cleaning your teeth faster and more comfortable than traditional methods.
Laser Dentistry – Laser dentistry enables us to provide oral hygiene care, teeth whitening, gum treatments, decay removal and sealant application in a more comfortable and convenient way. Because of our investments in technology and training, you will be in the dental chair for less time and be more comfortable during the time you are here. Laser dentistry technology provides the best of both worlds—you will have whiter teeth in less time.
Digital X-Rays – We use a dental technology called digital radiography, or digital x-rays, which utilizes an electronic sensor (instead of X-ray film) to capture an electronic dental image of your mouth. These x-rays can be viewed immediately on a monitor. Digital x-rays are a healthier option because it produces less radiation (about 90% less) to produce a higher quality image than traditional x-rays.

We want you and your teeth to be healthy. Call us today at 801-322-4900 and start your smile makeover. Make sure to see how implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry go hand in hand with our laser dentistry to help you get your best smile! Dr. Allan S. Thomas and his team help patients from Holladay and all over Salt Lake City for their dental needs.