Looking for a Dental Implant Center near Taylorsville, UT?

By now you might have heard of the new technology called dental implants. This procedure is a permanent answer to dentures, crowns or bridges. Instead of dealing with removable prosthetics, dental implants sit inside your jawbone, making them feel just like your natural teeth. Made of durable titanium, the implant “root” serves as an anchor for a natural-looking visible crown.

Rather than going for awkward traditional dentures, look to the clinic of Dr. Allan S. Thomas DMD. Our office near Taylorsville offers affordable solutions such as dental implants and bridges. We are known throughout the Salt Lake City area for quality care.

Dental Implant Care

The recovery time for dental implants only takes a couple days. The recovery time for dental implants is very short. Once the implant crown is placed you can enjoy brushing flossing and eating normally. Because dental implants act as a substitute for your natural teeth, you can care for them like the rest of your pearly whites. We recommend visiting your dentist at least twice a year to ensure you avoid any dental implant problems. Dr. Allan S. Thomas DMD is only a short drive from Taylorsville, UT. Ask us if dental implants are right for you!

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