Dental Implants for the Murray, UT Area

When a tooth is missing, whether from general loss or genetics, a dental implant is a great solution to fix this. Implants can replace a lost tooth or fill a gap more effectively than previous methods. Dr. Allan S. Thomas, DMD, provides exquisite cosmetic dentistry services, including tooth implants for the Murray area.

Traditionally, missing teeth, if replaced at all were done by utilizing dentures or bridges. These methods require more invasive processes and are now unneeded with the innovation of dental implants. A dental or tooth implant is a restorative option comprised of two parts. The first is a titanium piece that is secured into the jawbone where the gap is. This post is designed to take hold and be anchored to withstand a lifetime of use. The second component is the artificial tooth replacement. The tooth is fashioned to match your bite pattern correctly and appear seamless in your smile.

Dental implants are a durable option for tooth replacements. Dr. Thomas performs sedation surgery in his clinic near Murray. So, if dental work is a concern for you, there is no need to worry with our entire team available to you. You have a highly experienced dental office which understands the worries that dental work causes some people. With our training and innovations, we can have your smile perfect in no time, and with as little concern as possible.

Tooth Replacements

There is any number of reasons you may need to consider dental implants for yourself or your family. Gaps in your smile may be cause for embarrassment and limit your diet considerably. General tooth care may be a factor with tooth loss and decay, making implants a great option. Genetics can also factor into missing or lost teeth. Some individuals are affected more by dental issues than others. Whatever the reason a tooth is missing, implants are a perfect solution.

Teeth move and migrate over time, and with spaces, a tooth can move quickly to fill it. The problem is this move is not an effectual one. When teeth move, it will disrupt the biting and chewing pattern. This misalignment of teeth can cause more severe problems later with fissures and broken teeth. Don’t run the risk of further damage to your existing teeth, choose dental implants.

Your Dental Implant Specialist

Dr. Allan S. Thomas, dedicated to increasing the overall health of teeth of his clientele is ready to help you. He uses modern methods to improve smiles and solve dental problems. His office, conveniently located in Sugarhouse, serves the Wasatch Front, including Murray with outstanding dental services. Call 801-322-4900 to learn more.