Cosmetic Dentistry for Holladay, UT

Holladay, UT Cosmetic Dentistry

A big smile leaves a big first impression. Even if you already have treated teeth, cosmetic dentistry services from Allan S. Thomas DMD can improve your pearly whites beyond your expectations. You’ll get your teeth looking good as new with services like whitening, veneers, contouring and other cosmetic dentistry services. We help the Holladay, Utah area with affordable cosmetic dental services.

Our Services

Our staff is qualified to offer top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry services. Our hygienists and dentists work hard to keep you in a secure, professional atmosphere during all procedures and grow friendly bonds with our patients. We provide the following cosmetic dentistry services.


A teeth whitening treatment is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures our office provides to the Holladay area. Don’t trust generic whiteners to work. The professional cosmetic dentistry methods can give you noticeably brighter teeth in only one visit. (Treating your teeth makes them look good and takes years off your overall appearance. The team at Allan S. Thomas DMD specializes in making your smile look its best.

Composite Fillings

Silver fillings are common, but they aren’t attractive. Our office provides composite fillings for patients upon request for tooth decay. Composed of a solution of plastic and glass, composite fillings blend in with the color of your teeth to maintain a natural look. Forget the distracting metal in your mouth! Ask our specialists at Allan S. Thomas DMD soon about what we can do for your next filling.

Cosmetic Contouring

Contouring is an additional cosmetic dentistry service that we offer. Smoothing out chips, bumps and other unwanted imperfections, Allan S. Thomas DMD and staff can change the shape of your natural teeth as opposed to bonding porcelain veneers to them. This process is also recognized as tooth reshaping and can reshape cracked, overlapping, crooked, or chipped teeth in the span of one visit. This routine, which can be used as a replacement for braces, produces refined changes to give you your best smile.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign clear braces are a successful aesthetic dentistry procedure that aligns your teeth without the uncomfortable look and feel of normal metal or ceramic braces. As opposed to being fixed on your teeth, these clear braces can easily be removed for snacking and eating or to be cleaned up. Invisalign has helped many of our Holladay, UT services get their smiles back.

Dental Implants

Your missing tooth will be replaced by a natural looking implant. Dental implants can be a solidified solution to missing, decayed, worn or cracked teeth. If you choose to replace a tooth with implants, you will start to see improvement in the state of your jaw and mouth also.

Porcelain Veneers

Do you wonder how movie stars get such perfect teeth? There’s a good chance they have porcelain veneers. Veneers can be a solution to cosmetic dental problems. This thin, durable casing seals to the surface of a tooth to give you a smile that is beautiful and natural. An exceptional smile is possible with the help of porcelain veneers.

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain applied right to your front teeth. This permanent procedure creates a beautiful smile and can change the shape and color of your teeth. Enhancing your smile is an art. Using special light technology, we will glue ultra-thin porcelain or resin composite parts to your teeth to develop a work of art.

Crown & Bridges

Bridges are used to help fill in gaps from missing teeth you may have, but not very many other dentists do it as quickly and efficiently as our office. To prevent your teeth from shifting, a bridge is permanently fixed where the missing tooth should be. We can also create tooth crowns (or caps) to match the size and color of your natural teeth.

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