Five Health Benefits of a Straighter Smile

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The advantages of having a straight smile reach far beyond your mouth. From looking better to feeling better, a straight smile will help you be the best version of yourself. Although teeth that are naturally straight aren’t common, our team at Dr. Allan S. Thomas D.D.S. are here to help you get the smile you deserve.


Let’s start with the foundation. Gums are vital to the health of your teeth. They are made of soft tissue that forms a protective barrier around each tooth to keep bacteria at bay. If teeth are too crowded or are spaced far apart, gums may become inflamed and teeth may become exposed to infections. This can lead to gum disease and possibly tooth loss. Straight teeth allow your gums to fit properly around each tooth and protect against periodontal issues.


When teeth aren’t aligned properly, your bite could be wrong, which will cause unusual wear overtime. Over time, tooth enamel loss can lead to fractured teeth, jaw problems as well as ineffective chewing abilities. A straighter smile will keep teeth strong and allow them to endure the test of time.


Teeth that are crooked or crowded have less exposed surface area, making them harder to clean. Because of this difficulty, brushing alone is often not enough to rid the teeth of plaque. Flossing can also be more difficult because of the tightness between the teeth or the awkward angles at which flossing must be done. These factors can lead to plaque buildup and, after time, tooth decay. Straight teeth are easier to clean, which means fewer worries for patients down the road.


If your teeth aren’t healthy, it will affect your entire body’s health. The bacteria in your mouth will lead to decay and infections that can spread throughout your body. The ADA has done studies that show that oral infections can lead to heart disease, pneumonia, increased blood sugar and other problems. Straight teeth are easier to clean, which means it is easier to keep infections out of your body.


Your self-image and mental health are every bit as important as your physical health. A study by Invisalign has shown that behind weight, teeth are the second highest item people feel insecure about. Having a straight, healthy and beautiful smile has been shown to lead to higher self-esteem and lower social anxiety.


We want all of our patients to be healthy and confident. With our Smile Design services, we can help you achieve the perfect smile and all of the benefits of one! Ask us how we can help you during your next visit to Dr. Allan S. Thomas D.D.S. We look forward to seeing you!