Dental Technologies

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As our understanding of technology progresses, these methods become increasingly important in the medical fields. Each of these help to identify and correct problems before they have a chance to start, keeping more people healthy through preventative methods. Take a look at some of the tactics that are used by Dr. Allan S. Thomas and his office, in particular how these technologies are helping to keep your oral health in the best condition possible. Through these dental technologies found in our office, we are more easily able to identify and correct any problems that may be lurking here.


Intraoral Camera


There is only so much we can see in your mouth without taking images to get a deeper look. With an intraoral camera we are able to get moving images in colors from the inside of your mouth, and display what we find on a monitor for both Dr. Thomas and you to see. In this way you can be much more involved in the dental process as Dr. Thomas can show you what he has found and what that means for your mouth. The intraoral camera will give you a better picture of where your dental health stands and how to correct any problems.


Ultrasonic Scaler


While to some this may not seem like a “technology” per se, the changes made here have helped improve the way we are able to clean your teeth during an appointment. This works by delivering a controlled high-pressure force of water to remove plaque from the teeth. This is more comfortable and faster than previous methods that have been used for cleaning teeth.


Laser Dentistry


The laser dentistry that we now have is able to deliver teeth whitening, better oral hygiene care, decay removal, treatment of the gums, and sealant in a more comfortable way. Many times these treatments resulted in some of the most severe fears of the dentist, leading many to dread their time spent in the dental office. Now this technology will help you to spend less time at our office, yet feeling more comfortable through the whole procedure.


Digital X-Rays


X-ray technology has greatly improved since it was first introduced into the dental field. Now these digital x-rays are able to better capture the electronic dental image of a person’s mouth using an electronic sensor instead of using x-ray film.Because these systems use about 90% less radiation they will be a healthier option.
There have been many changes in dental technology that have taken place over the years. As these changes continue to take place, dental appointments will be made easier for everyone, helping to find the best solution.