Dental Care for Pregnant Women


Teeth Tips for Pregnant Women

It’s important to take proper care of your teeth and gums through every stage of your life, especially during pregnancy. While a woman is pregnant, there are many hormonal changes that occur, raising the risk for gum disease and other problems. This can not only be damaging to your health, but the health of your baby as well. Take the best care of your teeth during this critical time to prevent more serious health problems.


Before Pregnancy



If you are planning on getting pregnant soon, make sure you are up to date on your dental appointments. You should be going in to get your teeth examined and cleaned at least once every six months. These appointments are a great time to check for any oral health related problems, stopping them before they have the chance to take root.


During Pregnancy


There are a few different steps to follow once you are pregnant as far as dental care goes. Follow these guides to help insure your teeth, gums, and baby will remain healthy during and after pregnancy:


  • Let your dentist know when you are pregnant. All dental treatments should be avoided if possible, excluding a simple checkup, during the first trimester and the last half of the third trimester. These time periods are crucial for the growth and development of your baby.
  • Avoid any procedures that could interfere with health of your baby. This includes optional dental work that can be delayed till later.
  • Avoid taking a dental x-ray during the whole of your pregnancy. Extreme caution must be taken if an emergency situation demands a dental x-ray. While x-ray technology has greatly advanced, making it safer than ever, it is still best to avoid unless absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure you schedule and keep your regular dental appointments while you are pregnant. In this way your dentist will help you monitor gum problems that can result from hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Those who experience morning sickness may find it difficult to brush their teeth in the morning, but this important routine cannot be forgotten. Switch to a more neutral flavored toothpaste that will not bring such a strong reaction.

Taking care of your teeth during pregnancy becomes more critical for both you and your baby. If you experience any gum irritation or problems during the course of your pregnancy, see your dentist immediately. Catching the potential of gum disease early on will prevent larger problems from arising later down the road.