Energy Drinks & Tooth Decay

Energy Drinks &


Energy and sports drinks are extremely popular beverages and have exploded on the market. With this rise in consumption has come a rise in health problems. One such health problem is tooth decay. It is well understood how sugary drinks can lead to tooth decay, but highly acidic drinks can also contribute to the deterioration of tooth enamel. Sports and energy drinks are high in sugar and citric acid, which over time can erode enamel and contribute to further dental problems. The role sugar plays in tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity is pretty well recognized, but the dangers lurking in energy drinks from the high concentration of citric acid may be less worrisome or understood to many.


Eroding Dental Health



The exact amount of citric acid contained in a beverage is not something that is required to be declared by beverage companies on the labels of their products. Because of this, high citric acid content in beverages is often overlooked as a component of enamel decay. The high acidity in energy drinks and the large quantities in which they’re consumed make the risk for tooth decay serious for a large portion of the population–particularly among younger people. While enamel loss and tooth decay cannot be blamed entirely on certain foods and drinks, the role acidic energy drinks have on tooth decay is well known.


Minimize Intake & Counter Acidity



Diet, oral hygiene, and genetics all play contributing roles in enamel loss and tooth decay. The consumption of certain sugary and acidic beverages should be done in moderation. Like any other aspect of dental hygiene, limited consumption and efforts to counter the high acidity in beverages like energy drinks can help reduce the risk for enamel loss and tooth decay. Drinking water along with or soon after energy drink consumption can help clear some of the acid from the teeth. In addition to this, consider brushing about an hour after to clean the teeth of damaging sugars and acids. Brushing too soon after consumption can simply spread the acid around the teeth.


As with any food or drink that can damage your physical or dental health, always consume in moderation. Drinking large quantities of energy drinks has been shown to contribute to enamel loss and long term tooth decay. Lost enamel cannot be regained, so make every effort to protect your teeth by limiting consumption, rinsing with water, and brushing your teeth after drinking these beverages. Protecting your teeth from damaging sugars and acids will help mitigate dental problems over time.


The Benefits of Good Dental Hygiene

There are many obvious oral reasons why good dental hygiene is crucial, but there is more to it than this. Your mouth has an influence on more of your body than you may realize. This only increases just how important it is for good dental hygiene to be part of our lives. Take a look at some of the benefits that can come from keeping our teeth and gums fresh. It may be just what you need to maintain a healthy body.


The Heart


Your heart is connected to your body in many different ways, the teeth included. When your teeth are neglected for an extended period of time, it will increase the risk of gum disease. Gum disease doesn’t just affect your mouth, it will have an influence on your heart as well. This can cause heart disease, strokes, and the blocking of blood vessels.


While experts have not said with definitive certainty heart disease is a direct result of gum disease, there is a strong link between the two. Because of how vital the heart is for the other functions of the body, it is safe to say that much of good overall health starts with your gums and teeth.


Boost Your Confidence


There’s something to be said for a positive attitude. Bad dental problems will make many people feel embarrassed, potentially smiling less or not showing their happiness as readily. In addition to this, bad dental hygiene is one of the leading causes of bad breath, another serious hit to self esteem. You can be sure that your quality of life will be better when practicing good dental hygiene in your daily life.


Detecting Oral Cancer


Oral cancer is caused by a number of different things, especially smoking and tobacco products. While this disease is terrible, the one upside is that it has the potential of being easy to detect with good oral hygiene. A regular dental appointment will give your dentist the opportunity to check the soft tissue in your mouth, ensuring it is still in the best shape.


Any spots that look suspicious can be examined by the dentist to ensure everything is ok. By detecting major issues early on, your mouth will remain healthy, keeping the rest of your body in the best shape possible. Don’t take these issues of your mouth lightly.
Your mouth is connected to your body in so many different ways, because of this it is vital to practice the best oral hygiene habits. Make sure to take care of your teeth and gums with brushing, flossing, and regular dentist appointments. This will help keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle.