Top 5 Dental Apps

Dental Apps

Running a dental practice in the digital age requires taking maximum advantage of the latest dental apps for mobile devices. These range of apps serve many purposes–from educating patients to streamlining administrative processes for your practice. There are a diversity of apps ranging in price, with many useful apps available for free. Here is a look at some of the top dental apps to help make your dental practice more efficient.




This app centers on patient education and demonstration, allowing a dentist to illustrate the effects of a variety of dental conditions over time. As an app that raises patient awareness about a host of dental conditions, this tool can prove extremely valuable for dental professionals. With over 200 demonstrations, the app allows dentists to draw directly on screen, save drawings, add images to a library, and create and send individual treatment plans for patients. The app costs $400 and is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


2. CDT Code Check


The Code Check app allows dentists and staff to reference procedural codes when a hard copy of the CDT manual isn’t available. For dentists who divide their time between offices, this can be a very useful app, and at $20 it is a cost effective app for your practice. Developed by the American Dental Association, all CDT codes are searchable by category of service, code number, and keyword. A full listing of CDT codes and new and revised code showing changes is also featured.


3. Lexi-Dental Complete


This app is a resource dental library including: drug information and effects, patient resources, laboratory and diagnostic procedure information, natural product information, dental conditions, a dental emergency handbook, a Stedman’s medical dictionary, and a variety of other resources. For a complete office reference, this app is highly useful. This app is priced at $285/year and can be downloaded free on a 3 day trial for iPhone, iPad touch, iPad, and Android powered devices.


4. iRomexis


This is a free 2D and 3D mobile image viewer app for the iPad and iPhone. The app is designed to display images generated by Planmeca X-ray units. These images can be easily used for patient education and consultations with colleagues in a convenient, portable medium. Patient images can be categorized with the app and easily shared among mobile devices. The app also allows for image contrast and brightness adjustments, zoom, and numerous other image editing and viewing functions.


5. MyDentist


This is the app for interacting, connecting, and transacting with patients. Patients can use MyDentist to contact your office, request an appointment, and access pre and postoperative information. This app helps ensure that patients are getting the best quality and most informed service possible. The app even has GPS to help patients locate your offices. Additionally, MyDentist app allows patients to refer other patients to you directly from the app. The app is on the higher end of pricing at $200 to set up and $90/month, but is rich in features to make your practice more efficient and help generate new business. It is available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.