Best Products for Complete Dental Care

best cosmetic dental products
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Oral health is extremely important and home dental products are consistently improving in quality to help stave off disease and keep your teeth and gums healthier. There are numerous products on the market that can greatly help to improve oral hygiene and keep your dental checkups short and problem free. From a huge variety in toothbrushes to special flosses, mouthwashes, whiteners, mouthguards, and other dental appliances, there is really no excuse for poor oral health these days.


Often, the most effective home dental products are the ones that suit your teeth and gums the best and meet your personal needs. There are almost innumerable amounts of brushes and toothpastes for every kind of mouth, so deciphering which products are the best for you can be difficult. Here is a brief look at some things to look for in the best dental care products.





The foundation of good oral health comes down to the common toothbrush. Toothbrushes these days have advanced into specialized teeth cleaning devices capable of reaching difficult to clean crevices, massaging, and offering a better clean than ever before. Still, finding the perfect toothbrush can take some effort as you want to be sure you’re buying one that is comfortable on your teeth and gums, but one that also protects your enamel and has the reach and flexibility to offer a thorough clean. Look for an ADA certified brush and replace it every 3 months or so. For electric brushes, do this with the brush head.




The second most important component of the oral care process is the toothpaste on your brush. Obviously, simply scrubbing your teeth with a brush isn’t enough to prevent tooth decay, so toothpaste is needed to clean, strengthen, and whiten teeth. There are as many varieties of toothpaste as there are toothbrushes–tartar control, sensitive teeth, and numerous whitening options. The best toothpaste comes down to individual needs and preference. All commercial toothpastes contain a form of peroxide for less abrasion, and many contain a whitening element. The biggest advisory dental professionals make is to stop using certain toothpastes if your teeth or gums become irritated.





Dental floss is a highly advised method of further ensuring good oral health each day before or after brushing. When it comes to tiers of quality in floss, there really aren’t many. Most dentists recommend flossing more regularly–or at all. Look for ADA approved floss and floss that works best with your individual teeth. Some people have tighter spacing in their teeth, so certain varieties of floss, such as unwaxed or thin Teflon coated tape, may be better. It’s always more important to floss each day in general than worry about specific quality in floss.




Eliminating plaque and killing bacteria is the main purpose of mouthwashes. While dentists readily admit that no mouthwash kills all gum disease causing bacteria, essential oil containing mouthwashes can help kill bacteria and slow the formation of plaque. Using mouthwash is no substitute for thorough brushing and flossing, so make sure to use mouthwash as a supplement to your regular brushing and flossing routine for maximum benefits. Also, be sure to rinse for the specified time and do not overuse mouthwash or rely on it over brushing and flossing.