Invisalign Clear Braces in Sugarhouse, UT

Invisalign is a top-of-the-line creative dentistry procedure that allows your teeth to straighten without the bulky look of traditional braces. Keeping these braces clean is manageable because they are not permanently fixed on your teeth. You can also remove them easily for things such as eating.

How Invisalign is Made

Before starting the Invisalign process, we will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth. This information is sent to Invisalign, where they will create 3-D clear braces that are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. These aligners are made of smooth plastic that is very comfortable. You place the aligners over your teeth, and this will start a slow process of shifting your teeth to where they should be. Every two weeks you will get a new set until you have the straight smile you’ve been wanting. All this is done without having to deal with metal brackets and wires that need to be tightened.

The Ease of Invisalign

The comfort of Invisalign make the recommended 20 to 22 hours of wear an easy task. It is recommended that you wear the aligners at all times unless eating, brushing and flossing, or playing a sport that requires a mouth guard. These tasks are easy thanks to the ease of removal these aligners provide. They are so comfortable, you may even forget you’re wearing them.

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