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Patients From Holladay Can Stabilize Their Denture Piece With Implants In Utah

Cosmetic dentistry can help provide that smile that you’ve always wanted if you have teeth missing in your smile. It’s not uncommon for patients in the Salt Lake City and Murray areas with missing teeth to wear partial or full dentures. There’s no shame in wearing a denture or dental prosthetics. Dentures can make your smile become what you have always wanted. Dentures can help you regain full functionality of your teeth and restore the natural beauty of your smile.

When it comes to wearing dentures, having the right fit is of the utmost importance. You shouldn’t settle for an ill-fitting piece and having your dentures constantly moving around in your mouth will only leave you frustrated and uncomfortable. Dr. Allan S. Thomas and his team devote so much time and care in fitting patients in Salt Lake City and Murray for the best dentures.

Sometimes, patients will suffer from looseness not because of a poor fit but because their mouths lack the proper structure to stabilize and support the denture. It’s extremely important for dentures to have a solid foundation because any instability can impede your ability to speak and eat. Dr. Allan S. Thomas offers solutions for all of his Salt Lake City and Murray area patients to get the right fit.
Bottom Denture Piece - Implant Supported Dentures For Holladay In UtahTo get the right fit, our Salt Lake City and Murray patients have two main options to make your dentures as comfortable as possible. First, you can use adhesives and pads to stabilize the denture piece. Second option is your dentures can be anchored with the use of implants for a secure, comfortable fit.

Implant supported dentures are prosthetics, or prosthodontics, that are anchored to dental implants and are becoming extremely popular for our Salt Lake City and Murray patients who need an alternative solution to a traditional denture. With our sedation dentistry, we can help you have a worry-free procedure.

Implant supported dentures are ideal for patients who have no teeth but have bone structure solid enough to serve as an anchor for implants. The number of implants needed depends on the specific implant supported dentures option you choose and your unique mouth structure.

With implant supported dentures, you won’t have to worry about having your prosthetics fall out. You don’t even have to deal with taking them out to clean them on a daily basis because they are permanently fixed in your mouth. You can feel free to smile and eat as though you had your natural set of teeth again.

Dentures and implant supported dentures can be truly life-changing for you or your loved one. Schedule a visit with us to learn if they are the solution for you. We are proudly serving patients in the Murray and Salt Lake City areas in Utah.

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